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DICOM patients

Excel data sheet

INSTRUCTION: DICOM data are compressed (zipped), and should be downloaded from the Google Drive and then unzipped. You can use either DICOM viewer provided in each file or the one of Your choice.

Abdominal radiography

Referral Diagnosis: Ileus, nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis

Description: Plain radiograph of abdomen and pelvis in two projections




CTA abdominal

Referral Diagnosis: nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis,apendicitis

Description: native CT abdomen and pelvis



CT polytrauma protocol 

Referral Diagnosis: Polytrauma

Description: Head native CT, CT C spine, CT thorax and abdomen - 35" (art. phase), abdomen and pelvis - 75" (PV phase)




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IMG 5902

IMG 5903

IMG 5904

IMG 5907

IMG 5908