PhD days

Postgraduate Doctoral Study of Biomedicine and Health organizes the Days of PhD candidates: Dies doctorandorum, an annual event, open to the scientific and general public where the research results of our doctoral students and their mentors is opened up to a wider analysis.

The primary objective of the gathering is to enable PhD students to present and discuss their research data in a professional environment. It is expected that participants will benefit from questions arisen and advice given from the attending Professors and Peers as well as to strengthen their dissemination skills through valuable experience in communicating their research data.

In addition, this kind of gathering of doctoral students, their mentors and internationally recognized scientists is an excellent networking opportunity for the future collaborations.

PhD days are designed to be informal as much as possible in order to facilitate discussion contributing to the scientific excellence and integrity of our PhD students.

However, the meeting is organized to monitor the professional development of our PhD students in the first place. Therefor, all poster presentations are evaluated and the best poster presentations are selected by Members of the Committee for Doctoral Studies and awarded a Dean's award.

List of award-winning students 2017. (.pdf)


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